Belly, don’t grow: 5 tips for those who are tired of belly fat

Doctors warn — a large accumulation of fat in the abdomen can lead to disastrous consequences. No, it’s not about beauty at all (it’s not a guarantee of health, as you know), but about the high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Specialists distinguish different critical marks for men and women. For women-80 cm and above, for men-from 87 cm. Excess visceral fat can disrupt the hormonal balance and worsen the condition of internal organs. Just a few tips will help change the situation for the better. Use it!

Give up sugar

Artificial sugar, which we consume along with sweets and lemonades, is enemy number one. Glucose and fructose in sugar enter the bloodstream and are converted into energy. An excess of sugary foods leads to the formation of excess visceral fat. So it is better to completely give up harmful sweets to reduce the fat percentage in the body. Among the permitted Goodies are honey, bitter chocolate and dried fruits. And all in moderation.

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Eat more protein

Some people in the struggle for a flat stomach reduce their daily caloric intake and eat only vegetables. Novice error! To remove fat, you need to actively eat protein products. Animal and vegetable protein reduces the level of ghrelin, a hormone that controls hunger. In fact, you eat well and maintain a healthy period of “starvation” – 3-4 hours. In other words, you just don’t look in the refrigerator every half hour.

Don’t forget about fiber

Foods rich in natural fiber are another ally in the fight against fat. First of all, vegetables and fruits are good for satiation, keep the feeling of satiety for a long time, and accelerate metabolism. In addition, foods high in fiber reduce stress levels and reduce the absorption of simple carbohydrates and sugar into the bloodstream.

Drink tea

Oddly enough, any type of tea slows down the formation of fat in the abdomen. The fact is that this hot drink contains kakhetins. They speed up your metabolism, improve your liver function, and help you burn fat faster. Doctors recommend indulging yourself with tea immediately after strength and cardio training. Some types of teas can boast special characteristics. For example, mint tea reduces appetite, and Rooibos regulates stress hormones.

Give up alcohol

Training, proper nutrition, and healthy sleep will not bring serious results if you simultaneously consume alcohol. Faster carbohydrates, which are rich in any drinks with a degree, are immediately converted to fat.

How to lose weight without doing anything, and how to start eating properly. Exercise every day to stay in a healthy emotional and physical shape.

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