Hello, Games Updates No Man’s Sky And Adds Mechs

Hello, Games has been on the road since September 2020, which means that they have spent the past year and a half polishing No Man’s Sky in secret. Because of this, the little that they’ve shown has been nothing short of incredible. The news showed us that this game can have a fully fleshed out story with persistent characters, alternate ending, and so much more. They took us to a planet that was alive and created a world that could very well be the next Earth.

Never was it clear to me why Hello Games does not have a finished game at this point. At the end of the year, I thought that we would see a video. I thought we would see a handful of screenshots. I think we would see an alpha build of the game. All of this changed, however, because a few weeks ago, they announced that they had released a video. The video explained how to play the game, as well as what to expect once it is finished. I felt like I was treated to some magic from that point on. Red Hook Studios Unveils Latest Darkest Dungeon DLC, The Butcher’s Circus, A Multiplayer Expansion To The Game

Of course, I wondered what happened to the giant race that they were working on. It didn’t make sense that they wouldn’t show us anything substantial. Then again, I really thought that they were going to have something to show us by now. The day after this announcement came, they updated their website to indicate that they would have something to show off by Christmas. After the update, they added a video showing off a bit of the game. I thought this was very cool, and I was really happy with the way they handled it. It was one of the first times that I felt that the big question of whether or not I’d like the game wasn’t so much a question anymore.

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