History of Telugu Cinema

History of Telugu Cinema

The film business is developing tremendously step by step. The principal Tamil film was delivered in the year 1916. The principal quiet Tamil motion picture discharged was Keechaka Vaadham. At first the films delivered were quiet motion picture where the crowd can see just the scenes there won’t be any sound for the motion picture. Later in the year 1931 sound was presented in the films KGF telugu movie or KGF chapter 2 telugu movie.

AVM studio is the primary Tamil film creation organization. The organization was begun in the year 1930 in Coimbatore. Later the organization moved its base to Chennai. It is the most seasoned studio which is as yet working in the city.

The principal theater which screened the quiet motion picture in Chennai was Electric Theater. The auditorium was worked by the British individuals. The venue was worked in annasalai. The auditorium went on for not many years as it were. Presently the structure is a piece of the mail station complex.

Mirth theater was worked in the year 1912 by R. Venkiah. It is perhaps the most established performance center in the city which is as yet working.

The primary business Tamil motion picture was discharged in the year 1948 named chandralekha. It was delivered for a challenging expense of $600,000. This is as yet the most noteworthy spending plan for the Tamil film. The movie was coordinated and delivered by S. S. Vasan. The film was created for more than 5 years. The film turned into a failure. Later it was revamp into Hindi.

Already the financial limits of the film were extremely low. In the past there were exceptionally less crowd who go to theaters to watch the films. Because of this the expense of generation was less. Presently a day the expense for delivering the film has crossed centers of rupees because of the commonality over the crowd.

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