Life without children: 4 stories of women about why they decided not to have a baby

To give birth to children or not is a woman’s personal choice , and refusal now does not surprise anyone. Here are a few stories about the reasons , why women do not want to have a child.

1. I can not get pregnant and I do not want IVF

 My reason is simple: we tried for many years and achieved nothing. When they started talking about adoption or IVF , I realized that I don’t really want to have a baby. Maybe , I do not want to. I like my life. I was always afraid of other people’s children , although it seems like nature should teach me to love them. Now this decision seems simple to me , but a couple of years ago I was very worried. All friends have children – and everyone is happy.

I feel the pressure of society , so giving up birth is a big step for me. But now I feel comfortable and I think , doing the right thing.

When he discussed this with her husband , he said that he agreed. So we didn’t talk about this anymore. Moreover, he has two children from his first marriage. Nobody asks him about them , it ’s normal for a man to be childless! ”- Zhenya , 30 years old.

2. There are too many people on the planet

 The older I get , the more I think about different risk factors. Maybe , later going to regret. But the truth is , that the planet is overpopulated and its future raises uncomfortable questions. If we continue to deplete its resources , what will we come to? In addition, in the world so many children without parents , it seems to me a selfish desire to have a child , when so many people need help. To give birth , to extend the race , I do not want. So , most likely , I will be engaged in adoption. Maybe , my children do not want to live in peace with dirty air! “- Natalia , 32 years.

3. I love my life

 And I’m just afraid of pregnancy. The idea , that inside of me will grow someone else , throws me in horror.

I too like myself , to give birth. I work a lot , travel , I do not want to report to anyone. My friends were forced to reduce time for themselves after the advent of children – this is not my option. The family does not really understand me , but it will have to. People ask , when we head of the child , and we did not respond. For some reason I consider , that the decision was made by the husband , even though it is shared “, – Olga , 25 years old.

4. I want to make a career

 Life made a choice for me. I always loved spending time with friends , traveling , but the biggest place in life is work. Without children, I climb up the career ladder faster. I can give my work all my free time. I’m always honest answer to this question , although the family , of course , hopes , I change my mind. My husband supports me in everything, ”- Olesya , 33 years old.

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