Savannah Cat

There’s a certain type of person, an animal lover, that would give anything to own a lion or tiger.  Of course, that is not possible to have a full-grown African cat living in a household. Even the smaller African cats, the serval, caracal, sand cat, African wild cat, jungle cat and others do not make good pets.

But wait, along comes the Savannah cat.  Savannah cats are a mixture of the African cat called the serval.  The first time this happened, it was an accident.  The kitten born was a big surprise because no one even knew she was pregnant.  The kitten grew up and was named Savannah.  She was a very beautiful and big cat.  This sparked other breeders to get a serval and breed their own Savannah cat.  These breeders in the beginning were not breeders that were involved in The International Cat Association (TICA).  They were breeders who sold in exotic animal magazines and exotic animal auctions in the early 1990’s.

In the mid 90’s, some TICA breeders got interested in the Savannah cat.  TICA is a breed association that registers domestic cats such as, British Shorthair, Russian Blue, Persian and Siamese cats.  That association is a genetic registry.  That means TICA also has a new breed program for those breeders who breed hybrid breeds.  That’s where the Savannah cat comes in.

The Savannah is considered hybrid because breeders take a serval cat and breed to a domestic cat.  The first few times the serval was bred a Siamese cat and a Turkish Van cat were used.  Nowadays, we breed the serval to another Savannah cat.

The current Savannah cats look much like the servals from Africa.  They are very tall and have huge ears.  The most popular color is the golden color with black spotting.  In addition, there are also black and silver colored Savannahs.  They are spotted and have the same physical characteristics.

No matter the color, a Savannah cat is amazing to know and even better to own.  Savannahs are loving and active.  The love to help with any chore a family member might be trying to do.  They like to help type on the computer keyboard, chase after a hockey puck on the TV, watch animated cartoons and best of all reorganize cabinet contents.  They will watch someone do something and then try to do the same task.  If they are not able to do it, they never forget and keep watching and trying until they get it.

Some of the most notable have been opening doors and flushing the toilet.  Don’t think all the Savannah cat does is get into mischief.  They are very interactive.  Many can be trained to walk on a leash and go for a walk or run with their person.  They will play fetch with a favorite ball or toy.  Also, they will teach you a game they think up.  For instance, sit on a piece of furniture until you look at them.  Then, figure out they want you to throw something to them so they can catch it.

No matter what happens, your Savannah cat will be waiting at the door when you get home and will be there warming the bed when you go to sleep.  The best cats in the world.

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