Step 3 We Have A Web Site

Step 3 We Have A Web Site! When making a web site that we are aware of everything is here!

Web Design Needs To Be Done Before They Start;

  1. The planning of the database.
  2. Designing the structure of the admin panel.
  3. To be used a software plug-in determination.
  4. Server configuration planning.
  5. The site will allow you to work the fastest that a software plug-in of planning. (Cache, etc.)
  6. Identify areas that can be changed in the overall structure of the site. (In the General Settings section)
  7. The determination of the forms to be used in the site. (contact forms, human resources forms)


Minimal lines for the customer with the user-friendly design will consist of a study. Complementary and integrative studies are designed by making use of other components being in terms of corporate identity.

  1. User experience design (UX Design)
  2. User interface design (UI Design)
  3. Mobile user experience design, Mobile UX Design)
  4. Mobile interface design, mobile UI Design)
  5. Application interface development (UI Development)


By making a mobile compatible web page ready for the customer’s infrastructure to ensure innovative content. The original code is modern and designed with unique and innovative making. Social media integration with continuous protection of viability. Administration panel change content with instant

  1. Dynamic Responsive Design
  2. Css3 & Html5 coding technology
  3. Create unlimited menu and submenu
  4. iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices in full compliance with all
  5. All browsers same web image
  6. Resolution image with any custom grid technology
  7. J-query coding technology
  8. Dynamic Sitemap
  9. 100 %compatibility Google


The web site can be completely managed from the administration panel Asp.NET coding will be done. Although the website works very fast thanks to CSS coding, and web sites that will provide a lot more information with very little code will be scanned quickly by the search engines and also visitors from the site due to the slowness of the site will be able to wander as you wish and you won’t get in.

  1. The Institute of modern ideas, content management system setup
  2. HTML, CSS, asp.NET jQuery, MsSQL technologies system structure
  3. Made the code structure at a basic level search engine optimization (SEO)
  4. Fully compliant design that can be viewed on all platforms (mobile device integration)
  5. Cross-browser controls and adaptation

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