Tantric massage: how to make it so that it remembers for a long time

What is tantric massage? How to make it? It’s all kind of nonsense in the spirit of  sit in silence and hope , that orgasm is obtained from the air?” We answer your questions and give tools to achieve tantric Narnia.

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage , whose roots go back to antiquity, is the achievement of calm and relaxation with a partner or alone. Tantric massage , which includes not only physical practices , but also the spiritual and emotional components , is designed to help clear the mind and achieve a state of acceptance.

 Tantra is not a thing that is the same for everyone , it is the philosophy of being here and now,” says tantra expert Nadia Dean from the Institute of Intimology. – Orgasm – is wonderful , but it’s not the goal of tantric massage , rather , a delightful bonus. Much more important is the extension of intimate experience and the control of sexual liberation. ”

Step one

Be in the right mood. Make sure , that you have enough time , to immerse themselves in the fun. Turn off the phone , and if you have neighbors , make sure , that they will not interfere with or distract you. And you should not rush anywhere: no meetings , movie tickets or urgent calls. Nothing kills sex more effective , than a rush.

Second step

Catch the mood. Then , that surrounds you , is just as important , than the massage. Consider air temperature , your appearance , sound and indoor environment. Scented candles are great for creating a sensual atmosphere.

Third step

Tune in to your partner or massage therapist. Try to catch his eye and synchronize your breath. You must be on the same wavelength.

Fourth step

The massage itself. Let your partner lie on his stomach. Warm the oil in your hands. Starting from the middle of the back , massage firmly towards the limbs. Imagine , as a distributed energy flow around the body. Do not ignore those areas that are usually not involved in massage: the toe pads , between the fingers , the back of the hands.

Remember , it’s deliberate practice , so do not forget about the partner’s reactions and needs of his body at the moment. Spend at least 30 minutes , stretching the body front and rear.

Fifth step

Start massaging your partner’s erogenous zones: chest , inner thighs , but for now avoid the genital area. If you are doing massage to a girl , run barely on your chest , you can even connect a feather or soft tissue , don’t squeeze and don’t think. Try alternating different touch styles. The key to tantric massage is postponement and prolongation – there is no point immediately grabbing the clitoris or penis.

Sixth step

Using oil , put one hand on the heart of the partner , and the other – on his genitals , mentally connecting the flow of energy between them. Starting from the perineum ( located between the anus and the vaginal opening / under the testicles), gently and very slowly massage the area with your fingertips.

When you feel , that your partner is ready , gently circle the clitoris/glans penis , responsive to it , is the opinion of your partner’s body. At his request, you can perform an  internal massage. When it’s over , spend some time , realizing and living their emotions , share them with your partner and listen carefully to his answer.

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