Valorant Winds Versus Frostbite

Let’s get the first question out of the way right up front: do you know who is going to win this match? The answer to that question should be obvious if you are familiar with League of Legends or know anything about the game. The bottom line is, one team needs to have more points than the other. A win isn’t good enough, it has to be by a large margin for that to be considered a win. The question really is whether or not Valorant Winds can perform in such a fashion.

For starters, the rating of Valorant Winds on the Daybreak server is pretty terrible, and as a result, it doesn’t have a lot of power behind it when it comes to showing up on the scoreboard. The team’s only advantage going into the match is a champion that they picked up that gives them a few more advantages than other teams have on the map. Of course, the number of points that Valorant Winds have on its side does not make a difference in this match. Despite its clear flaws, Valorant Winds is just not equipped to compete against some of the teams that currently battle it out for points.

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In summary, this match is a challenge for Team Valorant Winds to prove itself. While Valiant Winds has a strong point when it comes to tanking for its team and controlling the map, the raw numbers do not really support the performance that they are putting on in their match. If they have any hope of winning this match, they need to have the better team play to compete with other teams.

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